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The Slinky as a Metaphor for the Cairns Blaner Group

Creative by Design ... Analytic in Execution
Constantly Discovering New and Creative Ways
Stretched ... Twisted ... Pulled ... Pushed never losing Focus and Purpose
Reliable ... Resilient ... Perform with Integrity
Energizing and Fun

Slinky Folklore

In the 1940's a torsion spring fell from a table and rolled around the deck of a ship. Richard James, a marine engineer in Philadelphia, saw this happen and realized the potential of a children's toy. Borrowing $500, Richard and his wife experimented and produced a toy; they named the "Slinky". For over 50 years, this toy has provided hours of enjoyment to kids of all ages.
Since an engineer created the slinky, it is not surprising to learn it can be used to demonstrate some scientific concepts and laws of physics (wave motion). The slinky, which in the dictionary means stealthy, sleek, and sinuous has been adopted by the Cairns Blaner Group to symbolize their operating behavior.
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