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If you ask someone who is going on a job interview, are they prepared for the interview, they most likely will say yes.  If you then ask them how they prepared you will likely get a variety of responses ranging from I reviewed my resume, I researched the company, I bought a new suit, I prepared responses to anticipated questions, I practiced in front of a mirror, and on, etc.  The truth is if they did some or all of these would be more then most people.

If you asked the person who was doing the job interview if they prepared for the interview, they most likely would say yes.  If you then asked them how they prepared you, will likely get I reviewed their resume, I called someone who knew them, I have been doing this for a long time and have my list of favorite questions, no big deal.

Given this scenario, who is the best positioned to ace the interview?  The person who uses Preparation H, the H is for homework.  You didn't really think it was the other Preparation H.

The problem most people have preparing for job interviews is they do not know where to start.  Google has 45 million results for Tips on Job Interviews and has 32 million.  There are so many resources available for job applicants that it can be overwhelming.

For me, it starts with the basics, the very foundation that resulted in you being invited to interview in the first place, the job or position description.  I know, duh!  Nevertheless, this is often overlooked.  Job candidates think their resume is where the interviewer is going to focus.  True, but your resume will not address every aspect of the position description.  Unless the interviewer is skilled, and most likely they are not, they will not know how to mine for the additional information.  Preparation H would go a long way to assuring you cover the important aspects of the position description, describing how your qualifications and experience match their need. 

Your resume and the position description provide the script you need to prepare for a job interview.  There is more that must be done to win the Best Picture award but without a good story there is no hope.  A new suit might help; just remember to cut the tag off the sleeve.  I forgot to do that once.
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