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Unfortunately many Human Resource Management departments are perceived to be a bunch of bureaucrats, faceless people throwing up roadblocks, enforcing company rules with gusto and just saying "no" to everything. At least that is the perception and we all know perception is reality. Most employees either avoid HR or find ways to go around them. For the few brave souls who do venture in they leave with a 1-800 number to call and vowing never to return again. Why is this? Surely, not everyone has had a bad experience with HR.

HR has helped perpetuate this perception, as the gatekeepers and guardians of truth, justice and the corporate way. It doesn't need to be that way. Paraphrasing the Joker/Jack Napier, played by Jack Nicholson in the movie Batman, what this department needs is an enema. (Actually the Joker was referring to Gotham City.) Overcoming the belief that HR is only interested in hiring and firing this section is dedicated to shining light on the dark areas that hide understanding of HR policies and practices.

We need a superhero and he is HR Warrior. Disguised as a mild mannered executive, HR Warrior is able to break down barriers to understanding and eliminate the mystery that sometimes defines experiences with HR.

If you have a question about HR that you would like an honest, straightforward answer then this is the place. All you need to do is ask. HR Warrior will provide an appropriate response or point you in the right direction as this superhero understands his weaknesses. Let the adventure begin...

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